Samsung Wemogee app helps users with language disorders

A Communication Tool Aimed At People With Language Disorders

The primary aim of this project is to enable instant communication between Aphasia patients and those they wanna engage in a conversation with. It can be used in long distance, as well as face-to-face interactions.

For those unaware with Aphasia, it is a rather complex neurological disorder affecting parts of the brain that understand and control speech synthesis in an individual. This is usually caused due to strokes, meaning the prominent cause are traumatic, hemorrhagic, or ischemic. More than 180,000 people are diagnosed with aphasia each year in the U.S, according to the National Aphasia Association.

Samsung has developed an intuitive interface with just a single interaction point for users to begin a conversation. The app includes a repository of about 140 phrases, developed with speech therapists, which enable users to simply communicate with each other. These are the same phrases that’re converted from text to emojis and vice-versa inside the Wemogee app. All of these phrases are separated into six different categories to make it simpler for you to access — and express the right emotion. These include — eating and drinking, everyday life, anniversaries and celebrations, help, feelings, and recreational activities.

Currently, the Wemogee application supports English and Italian language and is only making its way to Android on April 28. An iOS and Samsung Galaxy version of the app is expected to release in the coming months.


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